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Cookie Policy

It is vital for our site-users to read our cookies related policy on this page carefully. The policy of this page will tell you why and how we collect and use personal data of the site user.


A cookie is a piece of information in any sort such as text file which is fetched when a user land on our website from any device. Cookies enable us to track the activity of user i.e. number of times you visit our website, pages you browsed of our website, device from which land on our website (desktop, laptop, smartphone).

Why our site uses cookies

We use cookies to offer the best user experience to users every time they visit our website. Here is how we do it:

  • Identifying the purpose for which you visit our website
  • Tracking your activity on our website
  • Statistical analysing the end-user experience
  • Target our marketing and advertising campaigns more effectively

Types of cookies

At Webmaddywe track the cookies in the following categories:

User Related Cookies: It includes the website and link that is available on your browser history. This type of cookies expires after some time when the user closes the browser or device

Device Related Cookies: It includes the information which is stored in the user device like browser sessions. It helps us to remember user preferences to facilitate your every time your land on our website from a particular device until expiry.

Permission to Use Cookies

We always request user permission to use the cookies of the session or device. By continuing using our website, user permit uses of cookies as per our cookies policies.

Turning Off Cookies

In case the user does not want to share cookies, s/he can simply change the browser settings or close the website.


You are welcome to communicate with our customer support representatives to discuss any issue or ask any questions related to our cookie policy statements.